Hey book lovers, welcome to the website and book blog of myself and my curly haired little wild child River Sereno. I’m an Independent Usborne Organiser, which means I’m waving the Usborne Flag and spreading the love of literacy to as many people as I can reach. Now I’m not just any book lady, I’m a book lady on a mission to get the right books into the right chubby little hands, or black nail varnished manicured ones for our teenage crowd. It’s a big range, literally thousands of books so I may be blogging about them for the next decade, do keep checking in.

My goal here is to share more than just the pretty covers you’ll spot in our catalogue or in my photos (are you drooling yet??), I want you to choose the books perfect for those personalities you’re buying for, so here on our site you can see a little more of what’s beyond the first page and read our book reviews. Thoughts on the same book from both a five and a thirty-four year old will be entertaining if nothing else right?!

All the books you see in our photos and galleries are available to buy via my Usborne Organiser Website. Every order makes me smile, knowing when it’s delivered it will be the highlight of a child’s day, and will also give parents at least five minutes peace to enjoy a rare hot cup of tea or even a poo in peace. It’s the small pleasures in life isn’t it?

Little River Books really is a one stop shop for books and activities for children of all ages, once you’ve got the Usborne book bug it’ll be hard to shake it. Trust me, my overflowing bookshelves and activity cupboard are testament to it.

Enjoy what you see, smile at what you read, and feel free to get in touch if you need advice on what to put on your wish list. 

Much love, 

Amelia and River x

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