Step by Step Drawing Book


Price at time of blog post £7.99

Here we go, now this is our first review so bear with me this might be a little bumpy until we find our flow. Please do hit me with any feedback, questions and comments, whatever you want to know. Geez, go/flow/know sorry I sound like Dr Seuss, you can tell we’re working our way through the rhyming Phonics Readers box set can’t you?

Now to give you a heads up, in this blog I’m going to be giving you a little inside info on our fiction books, activity books, craft kits, jigsaws, pretty much anything and everything in our Usborne range once it gets into our hands. I thought we’d kick off the blog with this book as it not only has the power to fill kids with confidence and feel themselves channeling their inner Andy Warhol, it’s also a great activity to leave kids to it so you can get a hundred jobs round the house done. Or put your feet up and enjoy your fave family bar of chocolate and a book of your own, whatever works! I think this book is such good value for money as it lasts for ages, there are 96 pages of objects and animals to draw, all done in a really simple way (start with a circle, then a rectangle, then another circle etc) then you end up with the finished creation. There’s plenty of room on each page too so space for kids to keep practicing until they’re grinning from ear to ear with a sense of accomplishment. As we all know a little praise goes a long way with children, and the beauty of this book is you’ll know what they’re drawing. How many times have you congratulated your kid for drawing an epic space rocket to be told with a grumpy expression that it’s actually a horse, or some other huge failed guess. No accidental confidence knocking with this one, you’re welcome!

My highlight: Definitely the mad scientist, looks like me first thing in the morning.

River’s highlight: “My favourite one to draw is the astronaut because I love space and one day when I’m twenty-two I’m going to go in a space rocket and see Mercury because that’s my favourite planet”. So yep, winning. This book not only brings out the Leonardo Da Vinci in my son but it also inspires him to want to travel 193 million km (Google) when he deems himself old enough for such a journey. 10 out of 10 to Usborne for the trip to imagination land with this one!

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