Why do we need a potty?

Price at time of blog post £7.99

The Very First Question and Answers range are definitely up in my favourites, I think the illustrations are really cute, they’re hardback so they’re tough when it comes to being thrown across the room or drooled on, and there’s always something in there that makes us laugh. All kids love lifting the flaps so I’ve found it a big hit when I take this one to playgroups and it’s a best seller because toilet training is one of the biggest challenges we face, we can definitely all use the help in getting past the poo in the undies phase as fast as possible! This book makes the potty seem like something really cool, and also raves about all the different styles of knickers you get to wear to make it sound even more attractive when they ditch the nappies. It’s great. We’re way past the toilet training phase but River still pulls this one off the shelf to read it a lot.

My highlight: When the kid’s friend looks at the big beautifully illustrated poo in the potty and says “Wow well done!”. Sharing is caring, no boundaries in this book.

River’s highlight: “It’s super funny when the girl does a cocô in her cuecas” (poo in her knickers for those that don’t speak Portuguese!)

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