What is poo?

Price at time of blog post £7.99

All I needed to do was read the three word title to know this one would be a huge hit with so many kids, another from the very first question and answers range that hits the mark and wins the hearts and a million giggles of those that read it. The all important message this book gets across is ‘EVERYBODY poos’, no need to feel ashamed about it. Now I’ll be honest I’m a person that pretends I’m superhuman and doesn’t do something so vulgar but the book blew my cover, it states with certainty that everyone poos from footballers to princesses so it’s time for me to come clean and stand proud. It’s a funny read. In addition to the lovely human poo we read about, it also talks of many animals and what their poo looks like so you can recognise it out on your walks in nature. You’re desperate to get your hands on this one aren’t you?!

My highlight: That a blue whale’s poo is pink, I’m slightly envious though it’s unlikely it smells of roses on it’s fishy diet so it’s not the complete dream.

River’s highlight:  “This is my favourite book ever in the world. My favourite part is looking at the poo and guessing who did the poos. I don’t like the baby poo it’s super disgusting” Yes, it is. But I’m happy to gross him out with the baby poo picture after all the poo explosions I dealt with in his early years, definitely time to get even.

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