All About Families

Price at time of blog post £9.99

This book I could rave about all day. You’ve probably heard of the term blended family, well ours has a load of nuts and fruit loops thrown into that blender and has been switched on to maximum. I have trouble keeping track of who is who with stepparents, adoptions and mixed parentage so I don’t know how River manages to keep track of it! I do think it’s great that he’s grown up with such a mix of people in his family tree as he’s such an open and loving kid, books like this really are powerful in encouraging the young generation to be open minded and understanding of other children with unique backgrounds. Now with the current unrest in the world it’s really important we address this and ensure the young generation don’t grow up like the blinkered discriminative generations before us (and unfortunately those that are still around us). The book is beautifully illustrated to show the different types of families, children raised by grandparents, adopted families, same sex parents, stepparents, families of two, a family of one and their pets, bilingual families, different races, different religions you name it and Usborne have it covered. It’s such a warm read. Get it in that shopping basket and pass it round to friends, I’ll definitely be taking this one to play dates.

My highlight: My favourite part is the picture of a child being kind to tired mum as it instantly fired River into asking if I’m ok and saying we should rest for a little while. My kid is easily influenced so I’m happy I’m controlling his reading material!

River’s highlight:  That the book says some people live on islands. “Woah they live on islands so they can find treasure and have a parrot. That’s really awesome.” Not sure that’s what goes on over on the Isle of Man but I’ve never been so who knows.

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