Big Picture Book, General Knowledge

Price at time of blog post £12.99

Now this is one of those books that parents love to get their hands on as much as kids do. Everyone loves a bit of general knowledge. For kids it arms them with a few fantastic facts to woo new friends with in the playground. For the adults it’s so they can contribute to a pub quiz with pride and work on knocking those smug weekly winners off their pedestal. I must confess that I turned to this book for a few killer questions when doing a COVID lockdown quiz online with friends, and walked away with the number one spot as not one participant knew that ‘ossicones’ are the two knobs on a giraffe’s head, or that the Eiffel Tower was built with 18,000 metal pieces. The pictures in the book are really bright and beautiful, so it’s great for all ages, appealing to the eyes of the youngsters and the minds of the less youthful like myself. The book covers a range of topics to peak the interest of all, and I would confidently bet you 100 notes (monopoly money of course, a pandemic is no time to gamble) that there are plenty of facts in here that even the most accomplished quiz professional wouldn’t know.

My highlight: I think it’s hilarious that Queen Elizabeth I passed a law that forbade anyone but members of the Royal Family from wearing purple. What a diva.

River’s highlight: “The old name for a trombone is a ‘sackbut’. Butt. Like a butt. Like a bum.” Cue a torrade of hysterics and a one man show just for me with River pretending to play a song on his rear. Never a dull moment in this house.

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