Questions and Answers about Plastic

Price at time of blog post £9.99

Firstly I should apologize for not doing a blog post in sooo long, but the two of us have been busy having way too much fun so I guess we’ll wear those guilty badges with pride. The silver lining to the COVID clouds above us are that we’ve had the longest summer holidays ever, and River is getting gifted lots of my Usborne stock because I like to keep our days interesting and we have a lot of time to fill. My English skin can only take limited hours outside under the heat of the Algarvian sunshine, I prefer to leave the lobster nickname to Ross and Rachel they’re the only ones that can make it cute.

Now if you follow our social media, you’ll be aware that picking up litter is now top of River’s hobby list and he’s determined to clean up Portugal, hence why we chose to review a book on plastic and recycling. There were only so many “but why???!” questions I was able to answer before reading it, now I feel better equipped for them when we’re on litter patrol!

The two of us are suckers for beautiful illustrations and lift the flap books, so it ticks boxes for both those. I also really love to learn random facts, did you know that more and more packaging is now being made from mushrooms? Or that there’s a floating rubbish collector in Baltimore called Mr Trash Wheel that traps plastic waste before it goes into the sea? There are also less than wonderful facts such as a million plastic bottles are being bought every minute, we’re witnesses to loads of them ending up in rivers too so we’re taking our boots litter picking next week and wading into the water, it’s a huge problem.

There are pages and pages of who/what/why questions and answers, and most importantly how we can make a difference. I must confess my memory can be a bit hopeless (sadly I don’t think I can still blame baby brain now he’s five), so it’s great to have a little voice pipe up to remind me to take reusable bags to the supermarket, and thanks to the book he separates packaging into our recycling bags at home without being asked, thank you Usborne for saving me from repeating the same instruction a hundred times before it comes naturally to him. Small victories.

My highlight: That it’s really inspired River to make a difference, and as teamwork makes the dream work it also gets me out from under the pagoda and doing something about the litter problem we have around us. My Jeep is always littered with toys and sun cream, I don’t see why it shouldn’t have emergency litter grabbers and binbags in there too.

River’s highlight: That he thinks he’s been drawn into the book, the cartoon kid with curly hair picking up litter on the beach “Woahhhhh mum that’s super crazy I’m in the book, epa that’s magia” (Portu-glish sorry, you’ll get used to it). I’m not going to shatter his dream, personalized books can be quite pricey I’ll let him stay a believer.

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