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Flags of the World

(Book and 300 piece Jigsaw), Price at time of blog post £9.99 As our puzzle pile is mounting I thought it was time that we review one, yesterday we broke out this bad boy and wow what a night we had. Usually with our Usborne jigsaws (we have a growing collection of 200-300 piece ones)Continue reading “Flags of the World”

All About Families

Price at time of blog post £9.99 This book I could rave about all day. You’ve probably heard of the term blended family, well ours has a load of nuts and fruit loops thrown into that blender and has been switched on to maximum. I have trouble keeping track of who is who with stepparents,Continue reading “All About Families”

What is poo?

Price at time of blog post £7.99 All I needed to do was read the three word title to know this one would be a huge hit with so many kids, another from the very first question and answers range that hits the mark and wins the hearts and a million giggles of those thatContinue reading “What is poo?”

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