All About Families

Price at time of blog post £9.99 This book I could rave about all day. You’ve probably heard of the term blended family, well ours has a load of nuts and fruit loops thrown into that blender and has been switched on to maximum. I have trouble keeping track of who is who with stepparents,Continue reading “All About Families”

The twinkly twinkly bedtime book

Price at time of blog post £12.99 This one is slightly expensive I know, I can feel you flinching, but there’s a reason. This is the BATMOBILE of books, I open it up at a playgroup and it’s like I’m the Pied Piper merrily tootling on my flute, the children come flocking to me inContinue reading “The twinkly twinkly bedtime book”

Why do we need a potty?

Price at time of blog post £7.99 The Very First Question and Answers range are definitely up in my favourites, I think the illustrations are really cute, they’re hardback so they’re tough when it comes to being thrown across the room or drooled on, and there’s always something in there that makes us laugh. AllContinue reading “Why do we need a potty?”

Step by Step Drawing Book

Price at time of blog post £7.99 Here we go, now this is our first review so bear with me this might be a little bumpy until we find our flow. Please do hit me with any feedback, questions and comments, whatever you want to know. Geez, go/flow/know sorry I sound like Dr Seuss, youContinue reading “Step by Step Drawing Book”